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There is a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free. All you grinchy types who refused for some reason to put x-mas decorations up, maybe you can get some Xmas cheer AND gather a few coins over the next several days.

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If you HAVE already been collecting coins and were worried that theyd just disappear like the Halloween candy did, ack. Fear not! You can now trade in coins for Christmas stockings and in exchange for 50 coins get either 1 donut, 2 donuts, 3 donuts, or a free reindeer. This will apparently be in Effect until January I just traded in coins and now have donuts and 11 reindeer.

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Free homer Added 6 Aug , ID If want to get free stuff from homer then fallow the steps below step1: I've found that the max of friends you can have is I've found that inactive players are best to visit as long as they have Halloween buildings cause they are the ones you get best results on. Add SimpsonMike1 if this info helped.

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If you do it quickly enough, you can graffiti 4 of your friends buildings instead of 3. You have to Graffiti the 4th house before the other 3 are finished. Tap quick! So make sure to put your Graffiti-able buildings close to each other School, City Hall, Police station, and Moes so people can do this in your town. I had no stars for Righteousness and I had a friend do this once, and I got 4. That adds up depending on how many friends you have. Good luck! Add me - Vereniceb - I will come to your town every day and my town is looking really nice and big at level Lots of money or things in season fast Added 8 May , ID When you have towns and people waiting.

Get rid of the number of how many ever people you have waiting, in your actual town then accept the rest. Keep adding your name to these and doing this and you should have money fast and whatever they are offering in other peoples towns. I've got ALOT of eggs and money from this. Add me jimel94 I play everyday. You should already know that if you visit all your friends in the same session by staying in the friend section without returning to your Springfield, syncronising or logging out, that at a certain point the amount of money you recieve from each building goes up by 1 for each subsequent Springfield you visit.

However, if you perform only 1 task in your friends village, return to the friends screen then re-enter the same friends Springfield and perform the next task you will find that the amount of money has still gone up by 1 even though you are technically still performing tasks in the same Springfield. Do this again for the final task and the amount will have gone up by 1 again.

It doesn't sound like much but it pretty soon adds up. For example: The XP you receive also goes up in the same fashion but in much smaller increments. Read More. Add me asad Added 13 Dec , ID I have bart and I have decorated houses which you could earn more Santa coins every 24 hours. I am level 14 and for newkamas if you want 10 free donuts tap on homer and it will show you his chores then tap on him 10times and he will be tickeled and you will get the gebediah statute and right when it comes lock your mypad or mypod or my phone and homer will say I have infinity donuts More krustayland tickets!

Added 17 Aug , ID Feel like 3 krusteyland ticketsin each world just is not enough well Click on him then click friends town again, same button as before keep repeating this process and continue to visit other Springfield without going home. Bob will continue to appear over and over in almost the same spot every time. It is tedious but works great. Please check this out and if it's worthy please let others know.

I have been using it for days without fail. Please note that after. About 25 times you need to return to your own town and start again as the game does realise and slow down otherwise. I found this totally by accident but as it's hard to make money and keep up with building, it's worth while. I wish there was a way to do the same for donuts. If there is could you let me know, please. Bird watching and doughnuts Added 28 Nov , ID Homers doughnut cheat works once and once only as for the bird watching and putting into storage then back out does not work at all don't waist your time.

Zombie protest Added 15 Jun , ID If you collected a lot of characters you can teese them as a group. What you have to do is remove all streets and leave one square street tile for the characters to walk to interact with. Now you can let them walk as a group to where ever you place your square street tile. You can use the same trick to build a large prison yard. If the prison yard is the only piece of street, all the characters will be brave and stay inside the fences you build around it.

Search for The Simpsons: Tapped Out Cheats Search here for codes. Type a word or phrase to search for. Some search terms you might find useful: Your Cheats You are not logged in. Rubbish disappear Added 29 Apr , ID Wen you buy some land you get rubbish with it like green paint and wood don't you? Make Homer ''clean springfield'' and it only takes 6 seconds AND you earn 45 dollars! How to get alot of money and donuts free Added 8 Nov , ID For money make all your characters do 60 minute jobs. It will get you more money.

Visit all your friends towns. Best of all do the itchy and stratchy scratcher.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

For donuts don't spend your donuts at the beginning and don't spend them at all. Also log in everyday so you can get a mystery box. On holidays you may be able to trade in tokens for donuts. I hope these tips have helped and to prove I've already gotten the squeaky voice teen and hans moleman by using the tips I used for dunuts visit me and add me.

Couple cheats Added 27 Oct , ID Got to be level 16 buy the springfeild downs get a bet and quickly scratch a card from quickee mart and you should get negative donuts. Get a golden scratchee scratch it exit your game ipod double tap the home button and minis the simpsons tapped out and go back on it you get double. Add me kingly Tap on the Simpson's house and you will see a new message about something stored in the attic.

The question asks you to identify which of Moe's possession was coveted by Homer.

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The answer is the green emerald. After answering correctly, you will receive 10 free donuts, Homer's Strongman costume and a new quest. Free doughnuts Added 30 May , ID Have to be level 16 then buy and do quest for spring field downs after you get the downs then have a scratch off but first do a bet on any dog before you win or loose click the scratch ticket then scratch it then before you click button to leave wait 5 seconds then you see negative 3 doughnuts then buy premium stuff and you get it! Add me vanitylov Added 16 Feb , ID Have friends that havent updated to valentines or you can't find anywhere to get hearts from their springfield?

No worries! You might notice that when you enter a friends springfield that the valentine invites or cards may appear above many buildings etc. But it soon vanishes. If the icons or cards disappear just leave and come back to their springfield and do it again Hope this could help. You can go back to your friends house as the Simpson house will regenerate a new coin every few mins. Add me! To get When the counter hits 89 days and 23 hours, visit as many friends as you can and tap on their cletus' farm in that last hour.

If done correctly you can then tap on your farm for an unlimited time getting unlimited dollars.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack - Free 900,000 Money Cheats - Android & IOS

Add me: This may be obvious to most but I haven't found anyone who has posted this yet as a work around for the 24 hour friend wait. Get Friends 2. Continue to request friendships so that they start Queuing 3. Remove first friend on list ie: Add friend from Queue ie: Removed friend aexample1 should still be visible on Friend screen 6. Back at home screen aexample1 is now gone and bexample2 is now present 8. Repeat Steps 3 - 7 3.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Remove friend on list ie: Removed friend bexample2 should still be visible on Friend screen 6. Back at home screen bexample2 is now gone and cexample3 is now present 8. Hope this helps. Why are you reporting this submission? Have a question for this game, find the answers or ask your question. Check out our full strategy guide for this game. Can you help? Answer a question here. Get 10 Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah.. Unlock Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah.. There is only one cheat for Tapped Out. Planting real corn it takes 90 days Created by: Read the full guide We have no achievements or trophies for The Simpsons: Since , CheatCodes.

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