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The "world of apps" is new and a bit overwhelming. I have been looking and hoping to find a list of essentials and this is a great help. Thanks again. Thanks for the tip on AppBrain! It would be convenient if you practice what you preach and would somehow provide easy access to the AppBrain pages because now I still have to scan barcodes from your site. Actually, Pete, I should thank you. I just included an AppBrain widget at the bottom based on your response. Users can click on a particular app and get to it on AppBrain.

It's a little tougher than having it next to each post, but it's one way to get quick access to them all. Check out Sprint Family Locator client app. Search for SFL on android market. You need to have an account on sprint. Just wanted to say thanks for the list. New Evo this morning and I'm new to Android in general.

Your beginners guide and this list have been handy things to have. I really appreciate it. These were great recommendations. I downloaded all but one. Just what I needed. Who has time to figure this out? I don't, I'm busy! Just bought my new EVO yesterday and am having a great time playing with it. These apps will be great! It's nice to read articles about things you can really use!

HTC Evo 4G Applications Free Download

Is there anything that will play athde online videos? Also, are there any apps to play windows and real player online radios? Hello Andrew and thanks for assembling these apps! I just moved to an Evo 4g after having an Instinct and this whole 'apps' thing is new to me, but boy am I having fun now! It's like a whole new world with this phone. Installed Google Goggles first and couldn't believe how trick it was! Keep up the great job and thanks again! I use it all the time, i dont find any bad things on this app. I know it helps me save battery life, cos i dont want 10 or who knows how many apps.

FREE is always a great price for a good app… both the padersyncFM and padersyncDAV apps are free for personal use… combine them with a FREE end-to-end encrypted account from SwissDisk and you have the best of both worlds, secure and convenient… stay safe out there, don't trust your data over unsecure links… and sometimes free does live up to it's name! I mean goggles.

Are you sure you're scanning correctly? I just tested any all of them come up except Mobile Defense, which isn't available in the Market at the moment. When using Goggles, move the phone close with as little else as possible. Then press the camera button to focus and release when the picture is clear.

Top Android Apps for HTC Evo 4G Review

I was interested in the Mobile defense app. But it was no where to be found in the app store? The Dolphin browser HD is nice at first, but still has most of the same problems the regular browser the Evo has. I have set this up and can finally print photos off my EVO! As a bonus it will also print Gmail, PDF, just about anything on my phone. I just got my Evo Jul Thanks for saving my time with best recommendations. Mobile Defense is off the Market,but the apps developer site indicates "closed beta" meaning we should see it soon. Hope this helps!

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How can I print my pictures that are on my evo? I want to print them so I can clear them out of my phone. Is ther any way to get MobileDefense? Is it coming back to the market? In the mean time what locator app would you suggest. It's my first phone and I want to show my parents that I took steps to protect my phone… just in case. As long as it is not much more than 10 dollars its fine but 20 is too high. Can you help me find it.

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I even download the Google Goggles and captured the bar code with no luck. I absolutely love the idea of the mobile defense, unfortunately i didnt realize there is a tracking feature or software on my phone.. I wish i would have known about the mobile defense before hand. I already have had my EVO replaced. So i guess its only normal a waiting list of over 6 months that someone would sieze a moment to steal an EVO.

I wish i could find a app that could erase the info off that old EVO of mine.. I cant find "Mobile Defense"…a game named "Defend homeland" shows up as the only result. Definately should also get an app killer to save the battery, i believe it is called advanced task killer free, it stops apps from running while your phone is off definately handy to have.

No what what I adjust pics are over exposed way to bright. Please stop with the preamble sales pitch for EVO at the beginning of each app description and just tell me what the app does. I already have the EVO or I wouldn't be here. I hate weeding through the crap to get to the real info. New user needs help. I have video that is too large to email — how do I download it so I can provide to friend? Awesome phone, I switched from my most beloved Palm OS system. I just couldn't let go. BUT, I have no regrets!

I love the phone and the free aps are just the best. Evo Rocks so many new and cool apps. Buy yours at Radio Shack on the sprint network for Bought one for my wife for christmas. Customer Satifaction Guaranteed. So get yours this way and u to will be a happy cat. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device.

XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter: Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. San Antonio, TX. Join Date: Mar My Devices: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

OP Senior Member. Oct HTC Supersonic: No dice Tried that twice now. I've never experienced this before. Pretty irritating! Nov I wiped everything and flashed a new ROM for the heck of it. Works perfect now.

HTC Evo 4G Software

I have a feeling it was just Google Play being a brat. GPS Test.

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  • LED Light. I like this flashlight app the best, because it uses the dual camera flash. Lookout Mobile Security. Awesome virus scanner, backup utility and phone finder. The phone finder works too! Maverick Lite. Surprisingly, the Bing maps are excellent. Metal Detector. This is rather pointless, but fun to show people because it actually works! MortPlayer Music. My Paper Plane 2 Lite. My Tracks. Excellent tracks program for running, walking, hiking, etc.

    Not as powerful, but likely easier to use than ones in dedicated GPS units. Benchmark the Graphics on your phone! Cool little demo too. I get 25fps on my evo currently probably too much running. NESoid Lite. Plays old-school NES roms flawlessly. Controls are actually onscreen, but sort-of usuable.

    EVO Apps: 12 Apps Perfect for the HTC EVO 4G

    Network Discovery. If you are connected via WiFi, useful app to see who else is on the router. You can then portscan the other machines and easily login…. PdaNet Free. Photoshop on your phone? Racing Live.

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    I moved this over from my iPod touch—network based game where you race other users and build up your network, etc. Remote RDP Lite. Quick, free remote desktop client. Nice to be able to hop on your home machine from anywhere. Works pretty well even over 3G. Works very well over WiFi. Finally a good Divx player for Android especially the Evo.

    I can play most any file with this player with no stutter or lag.

    Google Play not Downloading Apps?

    Scanner Radio. Many are familiar with this app, but if not, it is quite impressive. Hold your phone up to almost any playing song and it will figure out what it is. Talk To Me. Voice Recognition, then translation into many other languages! Funny if you want to try out your Spanish, German, etc. Now, simply drive around and turn it on! Too bad most every AP is locked these days.

    This XBMC remote is often easier to get around than if you have a keyboard and mouse!