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Spark The Future of Email The best personal email client. Revolutionary email for teams. Free download.

Love your email again Take control of your inbox. Smart Inbox Farewell to busy inbox Your emails are sorted into personal, newsletter and notification boxes. Why 1,, people love Spark? Send email later. Follow up reminders. Built-in Calendar. Smart Search. Quick Replies. Powerful Integrations. Spark is a fast, smart way to manage your email. Spark for Teams A revolutionary collaborative experience in your Inbox We do our best work as part of a team.

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Read our review of iOS Mail. First, the 'assistant' claim: It does, however, suggest recipients based on frequency and can filter and use emails by type — bills, booking and shipment notifications as well as email subscriptions. When you do read newsletters and marketing emails, email lets you block read receipts. When you want to read later, email offers convenient snoozing; when you tapped Send too fast, email lets you undo.

The Snooze feature is only available for iOS users at this time. That means if you're using Edison mail on Android devices, any snooze settings you've enabled on your iOS device won't sync across platforms.

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The development team at Edison calls this a 'coming soon' feature, but no specific release date has been provided. Download Edison Mail. If you cannot tell already, Polymail is geared toward the professional. Consequently, some of the features are limited to a subscription service. No matter the edition and account, Polymail lets you postpone emails for later reading. This, like a few other oft-used function is accessible using a swipe menu whose actions you can customize. The Polymail inbox is always a plain list of emails sorted by date, though: Download Polymail.

Airmail does everything, it seems, and then some seriously, try it if you don't believe me. Here's what I mean:. In this manner, it goes on and on. Of course, so do menus and options and buttons in Airmail. There is much to do, a lot to tap and plenty to configure. Not everything is as obvious, unfortunately, and there is little explanation to be found.

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Also, while Airmail does include a smart, filtered inbox, its implementation is not the most elegant, search is unstructured and not all that smart, and Airmail could help more with smart email templates or text snippets. Download Airmail.

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Names and titles can be deceiving at first. Mail is for Yahoo! Mail accounts — and for a few others, too Gmail , Outlook. What is not deceiving about the Yahoo! Mail app for iPhone is the friendly, simple face it presents at first. Reach us at rdsupport readdle. You can add conference call link to any event without ever leaving Spark. Just log in to the service of your choice and add links with one tap when you create or edit an event - highly recommend for the busiest of us!

This is optional and can be set up in Spark Settings. As always, you can reach us at rdsupport readdle. Today's update brings a hotfix for the issue with Google sign-in. Thank you to all who reached out at rdsupport readdle. Keep the feedback coming! That doesn't happen anymore; - Reminders set on messages sent to people not using Spark would sometimes disappear after receiving a comment on that message from someone on your Team; - Addresses a variety of issues with the display and handling of notifications; - Selecting "Save as PDF" would sometimes open the Print dialog instead, which was not very helpful; - Spark on iPhone X no longer freezes when composing a message if the keyboard is dismissed; - When printing to PDF an email that does not have a subject, Spark now does a better job handling the naming of the file.

Fixes, Fixes, Everywhere - Mended an issue with the event duplicates in team calendars; - Now details about all-day events in email invitations are displayed correctly; - Search suggestions no longer return broken or incorrect results for contacts.

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Beyond those items we also managed to squeeze in these additional changes as well: Improved - All about the speed: We hope you enjoy the update! Keep in touch with us at rdsupport readdle. This update comes with a number of improvements to Spark functionality for personal use and team email. NEW - Allow others to send shared drafts on your behalf.

All Spark for Teams users can let their teammates send shared drafts on their behalf. You can configure to get all comment notifications, only mentions, or group them together on the lock screen. And hyperlinks will remain clickable inside saved PDFs. Hello again, everyone! A small glitch in our build pipeline caused us to release a version of 2.

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We apologize for the back-to-back update. Rest assured 2. Please enjoy the following encore presentation of our original 2. Details matter.

That's why today's update is focused on improving specific details on how you work with email in Spark. New - Editing in Outbox while offline. Fixed - We believe we have fixed the annoying issue with Snoozed and Reminded emails. If not - just let us know right away! We hope you enjoy the update. Have a delightful, secure, and scrumptious summer!

If you want to thank our tireless team, please write a review or recommend Spark to your friends and teammates. Thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out at rdsupport readdle. If you want to thank our tireless team, please write a review on the App Store or recommend Spark to your friends and teammates! It turns out there were a couple more bugs that needed squashing. Among under-the-hood improvements: Thanks to everyone who reached out at rdsupport readdle.

If you still see any oddities in translations, please let us know right away at rdsupport readdle. Many thanks for your feedback! If you want to thank our tireless team, please write a review on the App Store or recommend Spark to your friends and teammates. Take your team collaboration to the next level! What's New in This Version Describe what's new in this version of your app, such as new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Feb 4, Version 2.