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Your code mix the business concerns with the infrastructure, reading from the command line has nothing do to in the same class as the one that manage an account. You should have a look at some commons patterns like MVC. I would have introduced one AccountsService with one method for each use case: This service will be used to isolate the business logic. Mine will be a simple class with a main loop.

Separation of concerns

The first step would be to select or create a account, then all actions will be done on this account, like an ATM. I like to do a development that is close to DDD ; I would have introduced one Account which can be retrieve or saved from an AccountsRepository.

This Account would have one method for each use case with some pre-conditions:. You see that there is a direct match between the methods from Account and AccountsService. The service will just enforce the preconditions by validating the inputs and delegate to the methods on Account. This is where you do the link between the infrastructure and business repository is infrastructure but later you maye also add security, transactions, logging,..

Notice that I use a conventions that use verbs for method that changes the system but looks like getters when querying the state. You may not like this conventions but the idea is to highlight the importance of conventions and self documented code.

Java walk through: ATM

The first idea that I had in mind was to manage one mutable BigDecimal field. It works well for the basis of deposit: But then when you have to deal with the daily limit, things are more complex. You may hold a date and a sum of daily withdraw but another way is to maintains a List of Operation that have a time and an amount, deposit will add a new Operation amount while withdraw add one new Operation amount.

To compute the daily withdraw, you have to filter all the operations for the current day that are withdraw amount is negative and sum them.

The balance is computed by reducing all the operations via an addition. By separating everything you can easily test the behaviors of Account and interactions of AccountsService. The only things that is complex to test is your BakingApplicationCli. You can find my solution on https: I have also added one AccountFactory to create a new valid Account. This one does not do many thing but may evolve in time and isolate the creation process. I have chosen to add a getDailyLimit method in Account so that we can imagine to have on abstract Account and many implementations with different limits.

The factory is then the perfect place to choose the implementation.

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The awareness of concurrency which can corrupt non-atomic transactions. As double s are imprecise, better use BigDecimal: However as there are several things other people already mentioned, I leave it to that.

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For a fast improvement:. My two cents. So the intention I understand was to create a Bank Application with certain banking actions. What I feel is that, that code you have shared is not an application but a program which can do the banking actions mentioned.

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One way to see it was to start thinking from an End Users perspective. Since it will be the simplest alternative. Then the next would be the architectural design of your application. The banking actions mentioned in the above question are your "Domain". The Domain's requirments needed to be encapsulated from the rest of the world. There need to be Unit Tests coverage as well for the Services that you would create.

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    Java program for banking management system

    Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Related 4. Hot Network Questions. A basic Java-based implementation of an Automated Teller Machine application. Java Updated Jun 15, Java Updated Aug 29, Java Updated Dec 14, Java Updated Jan 31, Java Updated Nov 6, Java Updated Oct 19, Java Updated Jan 23, This repository includes code which enables cardless ATM transactions.

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