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Such has been the case all these years for Amazon's Kindle books, which again, can't be purchased through either the Kindle or Amazon apps on iOS, even if you have Amazon Prime, and even if it lets you download a sample, from which you still won't be able to buy the book.

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The workaround? Use Safari or Chrome mobile web browser and use Amazon. Then go back to the app.

  • I'm having trouble downloading my audiobook in the Kindle for iOS app. What should I do?.
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  • I'm having trouble downloading my audiobook in the Kindle for iOS app. What should I do??
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While companies cannot provide external links to direct sales within apps, you can manually navigate to external sales with a web browser. That's precisely what you'll have to do to purchase Kindle ebooks or download free books on your iPhone or iPad. After buying them in a browser, they'll be synced to your account and then you can access them inside the Kindle app. Apple's now 7 year old policy emphasizes profit over functionality, but given the closed ecosystem's level of success, it's not surprising this remains an issue all these years later. Spoiler alert: It's the same reason you couldn't in or previous years for that matter.

Even if you're an Amazon Prime member and you want to download a free book.

How to Enable Text-to-Speech on the Kindle for iPhone App : Kindle & iPad

Nah, not possible. Overpromised, Underdelivered. User Comments: Post a comment. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment.

Kindle for iPad, error fix by deregistering

Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Download the new version of an app using the iOS App Store through iTunes You need to be using a version of iTunes earlier than version If you are using iTunes You need to make a copy of your iTunes Library folder, download and install an older version of iTunes. Before launching iTunes hold the option key on Macs alt key on PCs then launch the older version of iTunes. Then you can log into the the Apps Stores through iTunes using your Apple ID and password and download the new version of the app to iTunes on your computer.

How to Fix a Kindle eBook That's Not Downloading | The eBook Reader Blog

Then go back to your iPad running iOS 9. If you were successful getting the new version of the app on iTunes on your computer, in the iOS app store on your iPad, iOS App Store should throw up a pop-up telling you an older compatible version of the app is available for you device and would you like to download it? Apr 5, 5: I down loaded the older version of iTunes.

When I try to install it, I'm told there is a newer version on my iMac. How do I replace the iTunes versions? In that older version of iTunes, you download the recent version of the app from the iOS App Store, through iTunes, that you need an older version of for your iDevices.

How to Fix a Kindle eBook That’s Not Downloading

If there is no older version of an app, then, this pop-up message will not appear and there is no longer an older version of an app available for download. Apr 5, 7: I'm sorry but I don't understand. I have down loaded iTunes I see the instructions want me to use the But the iMac won't let me run the old iTunes with a newer iTunes installed. How do I get the Do I delete the new iTunes? I don;t see how to do that either.

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  • Why You Can't Buy Books from the Kindle app on iPhone or iPad in 2018?

Apr 6, Move your iTunes Then, hold down the option key while launching iTunes Try existing library and navigate to newly created copy of your current iTunes Library folder, if this works, then proceed to the iOS App Store, Log-in with your Apple ID and password and try downloading the newest version of the Kindle App. If this does not work, quit iTunes I do not know if there is a procedure out there, or not, that will let you downgrade iTunes to a lower version or not once your original iTunes library has been converted for use with iTunes Also, until someone posts with a procedure to revert or use an older version of iTunes when a newer version has already been installed, delete the copy of the iTunes Library folder you just recently created.

If you have another newer iDevice capable of running iOS 10 or 11, under your Apple ID, you can download the newest version of the Kindle app to that device, then go back to your older iDevice and attempt to download the newest version and see if you get the older compatible version pop-up message that way.

Apr 9, 4: So I got here cause I was having the same problem and after a few mind bending thinking it occurred to me that I can do the same procedure that you do on the app "Instagram" for your iPad 2, since there isn't really an Instagram app made for iPad. You have to download the iPhone version from the app and it give you access to the app I tried doing this with the "Amazon Kindle" app and it worked. These are the steps you gotta follow and see if it works for you.

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Once it gives you the results, on the far upper left corner there should be the option that says "iPad Only". If you tap on it, it should give you the option to switch to "iPhone Only".

When you see the "iPhone Only" option tap on it so it changes to the iPhone App store. A pop-up will come up that will tell you something about being an older version of it or something like that I really didn't read it cause I kind of rushed through the process Honestly what I did was pure impulse and pure luck I guess Apr 11, 3: The app just ask to agree downloading the app with an older iOs version, tap "Continue" and it's done. Apr 11, 4: Apr 13, 5: Search around for Kindle Cloud app. You'll find pretty quick, I'm sure. Your books, free or other wise, will upload directly to this place.

Apr 19, I booted from an external usb drive with snow leopard and downloaded kindle app from itunes. It wouldn't work in snow leopard, but it finally showed up on my ipad3. Apr 23, 4: Hi have tried above and it is still saying I need IOS