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So manage your connections by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and tapping on "Bluetooth" to see which device your iPhone is currently paired with. From there, select your car's Bluetooth connection from the list of available devices if it already isn't paired with it. On the other side of the coin, check your vehicle's Bluetooth to ensure that it's connected to your iPhone and not to any other saved devices. Of course, you'll also want to make sure that you automobile's audio volume is set accordingly for you to properly hear voice navigation prompts.

How to Enable Voice Navigation in Google Maps for iPhone

If you've tried the tips mentioned above but you're still not getting any voice prompts on Apple Maps, the app might have encountered some issues that's preventing it from dictating turn-by-turn directions. In this case, try force closing Apple Maps, along with any other running apps for good measure, and see if this solves the problem.

Force closing apps is a simple procedure, and basically entails either double-pressing the Home button iPhone 8 and below or swiping up from the bottom and pausing in the middle of the screen iPhone X. This then reveals all the apps that are currently running. Tap on the target app and swipe up to close it iPhone 8 and below or long-press on it then swipe up or hit the — button iPhone X.

Reopen Apple Maps after force closing it, and check for voice prompts by starting navigation.

iPhone Maps Voice Not Working - How to Fix It

As an extra precaution, you may want to try clearing the RAM on your iPhone. If an app is really acting up, force-closing the app might not be enough. While it looks like the app is closed, it could still be running in the background. The process is different depending on if you have an iPhone X or iPhone 8 and older models , so check out those links to see how it's done on your respective model.

If restarting Apple Maps and clearing RAM didn't do the trick, you'll need to have to take it up a notch and force-restart your iPhone to see if it solves the problem. Performing a hard reboot on an iPhone is a great way to solve software issues like unresponsive and buggy apps, so if you've tried all the tips above and still aren't getting voice navigation on Apple Maps, this trick is worth a shot.

Either simultaneously press and hold on the Home and Side buttons iPhone 6 s and below , Volume Down and Side buttons iPhone 7 series , or quickly press on the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Side button iPhone 8 series and iPhone X.

Google Maps Not Working? Fix

Hold onto the button or buttons for about 10 seconds, and let go once you see the Apple logo. Open Apple Maps once your iPhone boots up, and check if it's regained its voice navigation functionality. If not, keep going for more tips. The ability to remove built-in apps was impossible until iOS 10 , so if your iPhone is running on at least that firmware version on up, this tip may prove useful. Uninstalling Apple Maps works exactly the same way as removing any other app, so perform a tap-and-hold on the app until it starts vibrating, tap on the X button that appears, then confirm its removal by tapping "Delete" on the prompt.

Method 2: Enable Voice Navigation in Google Maps

Of course, you can tap on the link below if you want to save an extra step. If you've tried all the tips listed above, and still have no audio prompts to dictate directions on Apple Maps, it maybe time to restore — or update — your iPhone back to factory settings to get the feature to work again on the app.

Though you can restore or update your device over the air through your cellular or Wi-Fi connection, we recommend doing this through your PC or laptop using iTunes for more reliable installation. So open iTunes on your computer, making sure that it's updated to the latest version. Just press the Volume Up button and see if the issue of iPhone Maps voice not working is fixed.

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Some people may have set Google Maps as default navigation app. If the Google Maps voice not working on your iPhone, just go to Google Map, starting navigation, you will see a sound option on the top right corner, tap it to open up the volume. Sometimes the volume of iPhone Maps is on but it is just at the lowest point, that is why you can't hear any voice.

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It is for sure that iPhone Maps voice would not work if no voice directions are downloaded to your iPhone. For downloading voice directions, please connect your device to the Internet, click on get directions.

iPhone Maps Voice Not Working? Here Are Fixes - iMobie Inc.

Wait a few minutes, restart your Maps app in a normal way, you can get voice directions now. As mentioned above, iPhone Maps voice not working issue can occur after updating to the latest iOS 11 or making a change to new iPhone. In fact, this is not the only issue that occurs after updating to iOS Recently there are a few data loss issues reported after iOS 11 update. If you lost important data like messages , photos , contacts, PhoneRescue for iOS is your best tool to get back lost data.

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