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How do I lock rotation in iOS?

Swipe up. Swipe upward from the bottom edge of any screen. This opens the Control Center. Tap the "Rotation Lock" button. It's a button in the upper-right corner of the Control Center that contains an image of a padlock surrounded by a curving arrow. Now your device's screen will keep the same orientation no matter how you turn it. The Rotation Lock button will be red when it is active. Simply tap it again to turn off Rotation Lock.

Method 2. Open your device's Settings. Tap Control Center. It's near the top of the menu next to a gray icon that contains an image of white sliding buttons. Slide the button next to "Access on Lock Screen" to the "On" position. It will turn green.

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Slide the button next to "Access Within Apps" to the "On" position. It will turn green, and now you can access the Control Center from any screen on your device. Unanswered Questions. Why does my iPhone screen turn off and on when I rotate it sideways? Answer this question Flag as Some apps don't stop when you turn them into landscape mode. For example: You are laying on your side on the bed using an app. You turn your phone sideways so that you can view it in the landscape mode. What happens next is that since the iPhone will be upside down and the app will reorient iself upside down and won't stay locked in landscape mode.

Double tap the home key to access the background control screen.

8 Simple Ways to Fix Screen Rotation Bug with iPhone on iOS 11 - Saint

Swipe-right until you see iPad and orientation controls 3. Click the Portrait Orientation lock button. If not for the link I would have never figured this out. For me, I had to find the orientation button by swiping the icons to the left not the right. But thanks so much for the screenshots. That helped!! Thanks for your help, it worked.

How to Fix Screen Rotation Bug with iPhone on iOS 11: 8 Ways

I had to go and watch it to understand what I needed to do. Thanks again My iPhone when I double click the home button swipe all the way right does not have a button to stop screen from rotating.

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How to Make the iPhone 4 Display Vertically & Horizontally

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Part 2: Check if screen rotation works on other Apps

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Sorry for my punctuation, spelling etc. Thank you so much for this basic response to about questions in other forums regarding the accelerometer and rotation lock. After searching for about an hour I finally found a reference to rotation lock but not where to find the control button for it. Thanks again and I will be referring to iphone faq from now on as a first line of defense for iphone info and issues.

This simple manoeuvre has saved me a lot of grief in trying to get my shareprice charts display in landscape mode after i accidentally locked my screen rotation. Well done! I upgraded yesterday my iPad to iOS 4. Thanks for this tip although for iPhone, worked well and I can continue enjoying my iBooks and web browsing. I have written a blog article about my first experiences of iOS 4.

How do I lock rotation in iOS? Newest iPhone FAQs.